• Tel: 0120-4989555, 8800876528
  • info@juniordps.com
  • NS17, C-block, Near Sanjeevni Hospital, Gamma-I, GR. Noida

Safety & Security

At Junior DPS, we keep detailed records of the staff, school bus owners and drivers, and all other people associated with the school in all possible ways.

The school has defined strict rules for its people and students so as to ensure that safety of everyone. Trespassers are under no circumstances tolerated at Junior DPS and strict actions are taken whenever needed. Moreover, we also keep track of all school visitors and they are monitored strictly as long as they are within the school premises.

Our students are also not allowed to leave the school transport vehicles while on their way from home to school and back and any interaction with strangers is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, while in school the students are kept under the constant watch of their teachers and security personnel.